Floor Skirting & Beading

To help conceal the gap between the new floor of your timber, carpet, bamboo or floating floors, and bare wall, Dluxhom recommend two basic methods when laying the floor.

Method 1: Remove skirtings and install the new/old skirting back after laying the floor.
Method 2: Leave skirtings in place and cover the expansion gap by nailing a bead of quad to the skirting.


Skirting & beading are wood floor accessories which come in a broad spectrum of wood types including Beech, Merbau, Oak and Walnut. They are primarily unsealed to enable the customer to choose a finish that matches the floor covering and interior of the house or business. To help cover the expansion gap between the new floor and wall, skirting is utilised. Typically, the gap is 10mm however at Dluxhom, we have skirting board up to 20mm in thickness.


When choosing between the two methods mentioned above for your timber, carpet, bamboo or floating floors, method 1 is the easier alternative. All it requires is removing the skirtings first, which are usually fixed to the wall by nails or glue. Some minor damages may be caused to the skirtings and wall, however, a quick touch-up paint after installation will fix this.

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