Sanding and Polishing

Whether you have just installed timber flooring in your Sydney home or your old timber floor is in need of a restoration, sanding and polishing will enhance the overall appearance and durability of your timber floors.

Benefits of Sanding and Polishing:

  • Re-sand to improve the timber's durability
  • Spend less to create a "new looking floor"
  • Bamboo or floating timber flooring can be sanded back to bare timber


Renew the appearance of old timber floors or newly installed floors with Dluxhom floor sanding services in Sydney. We will assess your floor to ensure that it is in a condition suitable for sanding, which may include movement at board, end matched joints, cupping in boards, gapping at board edges, or signs of moisture.


To help determine the type of finish ideal for your wooden floor, it is essential to understand the way your floor is used and the amount of traffic it experiences.

There are a number of coating systems available:

  • Moisture curing polyurethane
  • Two pack polyurethane
  • Water-based polyurethane
  • Oleo-resinous oils
  • Other oils

Your Sanding and Polishing Specialists

The sanding and polishing process may include punching nails and filling nail holes, cleaning protection, sanding, level/basic sanding, edging, finish sanding, coating system application, cleaning and applying coating. With the variety of finishes available, we understand how overwhelming it can be. Talk to us about the perfect finish for your timber flooring by giving us a call us on (02) 9604 6688 or contact us here.