Rubber Gym Floor Tiles & Installation in Sydney

At Dluxhom, we understand the importance of having rubber gym floor tiles , which are strong and sturdy. Our high impact tiles weigh over 15kg each and are ideal for your home gym, commercial gym, personal training studio or school playground.

Benefits of Rubber Gym Floor Tiles:

  • Non-toxic
  • Bevelled edge
  • Premium durability
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Waterproof properties in S
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation

The greatest advantage of rubber flooring is its resilience against a broad range of conditions due to its durability. Quality rubber gym floor tiles, which are installed properly and looked after well, should be able to last for up to twenty years. Even with its tough properties, it is actually quite soft to touch and walk on, which is also ideal for kid's playrooms.

Shock Absorbing

The training area of a gym is a place where weights such as bar bells, dumb bells and other accessories are regularly dropped to the floor. The shock absorbing qualities of rubber floor tiles protect both the floor and the user as any equipment that is dropped won't damage the floor and will not bounce back and potentially cause an injury.

Low Maintenance

It is very easy to take care of rubber flooring due to its stain resistant and waterproof nature. Regularly mopping it with warm, clean water is enough to keep it clean and usable.

Easy Installation

Installing rubber gym floor tiles into your home or commercial gym is simple and quick with the interlocking floor tile system. Dluxhom's rubber tiles come in standard 1m x 1m x 15mm (1 square meter) and are affordable at cost.

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