Floor Trims

Once your floor is completely installed, the trim is the final step to ensure your room looks polished and professionally finished. To avoid frustration at the last-minute, we recommend you plan in advance and consider floor trims as part of the overall installation of your laminate, timber, carpet, bamboo or floating floors. At Dluxhom, we will help you choose the right trim for your floor covering by considering the edges of your room and anything that meets the floor, such as fireplace, staircases, doorways and transitions between different types of floorings.

Types of Floor Trims:

  • T-Moulding
  • Baseboard
  • Threshold


When transitioning from one hard surface to a second hard surface, Dluxhom T-Mouldings are used to overlap both surfaces. It is vital that the two hard surfaces are the same height to avoid cracking once stepped on. While T-Molding is unsuited to carpet flooring for the previously mentioned reason, we recommend its use in doorways for hardwood flooring such as timber, bamboo and laminate flooring.


To cover the expansion gaps around the walls, Dluxhom baseboard trims should be used. We have decorative or plain baseboards to suit the look and feel of your home.


If you have recently installed laminate or hardwood timber flooring that meets up with a second floor of a different height, we recommend threshold trims. Threshold trims are perfect for when you want to match up the heights of hardwood with carpet flooring as it will overlap the timber or laminate flooring to create a smooth transition.

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