Bamboo Flooring & Installation

Transform your house or commercial property with the natural beauty and unmatched durability of bamboo flooring. Having completed both large commercial and smaller residential projects in Sydney, Dluxhom have established themselves as bamboo flooring and installation specialists. Due to the appealing wooden finish and eco-friendly features, bamboo floors have become increasingly popular in Australia.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring:

  • Denser and more durable than timber floors
  • Economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation

The durability of bamboo flooring will greatly depend on three main factors: the type of bamboo, its age at harvest and the climate of its origin. Bamboo floors can be divided into normal and strand woven bamboo. The hardness of normal bamboo resembles the hardness of oak while strand woven bamboo can be 50% harder. Scratches, fading and dents caused by heavy traffic are resisted when compared to other types of hardwood floor coverings as it is extremely durable and resilient, therefore does not require much maintenance.


This selection is also environmentally sound. The material takes 3 months to grow to 15m during sprouting season while a forest of hardwood timber can take over 50 years to renew. Additionally, a bamboo forest absorbs close to 30% more carbon and produces up to five times more biomass than a pine forest.

Bamboo Floor Installation

There are many options when it comes to installing bamboo floor coverings, including the traditional way of gluing or nailing them down. For a faster, more affordable and simpler alternative, we can use the bamboo strand woven click-lock system to install them as floating floors. Since the material is sturdy, only bamboo strand woven floors are strong enough to be installed as floating floors.

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